Sunday, May 5, 2013

Miru gets in Bikini Shape at 59

Today I am interviewing my friend Miru who has made an amazing transformation while taking the Venus Index class that I teach at the gym. Miru was there from the start in September of 2012 and is one of my most regular attendees. I can count on her to be in class! Miru has also been one of my biggest cheerleaders by spreading the word about class and bringing in new girls. She has definitely pushed me to be a better instructor! Here is her amazing before and after pictures, taken just 12 weeks apart-

Now let’s hear what she has to say!

  • (Liss) So what is your history with regard to diet, weight, and fitness?

[Miru] I was never a fan of the GYM. My first time ever at a GYM was to attend a Pilates Class twice a week at YMCA in early 2012 and that was it. I started training to run a marathon by running at lunch time with the help of an app on my iphone; I didn’t last but two weeks. I went up to 178 lbs and today I am at 143 lbs after VI phase II at 5’6” tall.

  • (Liss) How did you find VI class and what made you come? What made you keep coming to class?

[Miru] I saw a flyer posted at the YMCA with a header VENUS INDEX and a class starting in September 2012, with some pictures of Liss both before and after her VI transformation. What caught my attention was the definition of the body on the after photos, and mostly waist and hips- which is where I have a problem. I then went into the website only to find people like me trying different diets without success. What keeps me going to class is mainly the instructor Liss- she keeps us motivated all the time, another important reason is that she is well educated in the matter and always shares a bit of information with us. Talking to others within our group, we all agree that we learn a lot from Liss, besides just working out.

Another important fact is the way the program is designed. It takes you slowly to want to lift more and more, and you don’t even notice it. The workouts are written in such a way that keeps your attention on what is next and what are we doing the following class. VENUS INDEX made me become addicted to weight lifting- I never miss a class and always try to lift more and more weight.

  • (Liss) Did you incorporate the Anything Goes Diet and/or Eat Stop Eat style fasting?

[Miru] Being 59 years old and a breast cancer survivor, my diet changed radically after treatment some 7-8 years ago. I was all into no sugar in my diet but eating sugary fruits, juicing greens, having salads, protein, nuts and grain for dinner.  I was eating healthy, but with no calorie intake control at all and zero workouts.

At the beginning when I started VI Phase I (in September 2012)- I did not even diet. I was waiting (as always) for this program to do its magic on me.  I didn’t see the scale moving at all (or was a couple of pounds up and down) but I was seeing more definition on my arms and legs.

One day during a class, Liss was sharing some information on how fasting helps create a deficit and how counting calories is important. She even encouraged us to start measuring and weighing our food until we were capable enough to eye ball it. Of course, I was not doing any of that, not even counting calories, but I never missed a class. During another class, she shared a little more about fasting and that’s when I got interested and started fasting too. So, to answer your question, I started with the Anything Goes Diet and recently incorporated Eat Stop Eat style fasting as well.

  • (Liss) What did you do during your transformation to make such a change?

[Miru] I never missed a class and increase the weight lifting constantly. All, after I heard Liss saying ~ “if the last three reps you can easily do, it only means you can do more weight.”~

  • (Liss) Did you have any “ah-ha” moments with regards to your fitness or diet lifestyle and sustainability?

[Miru] I sure did, when I understood that working out is not going to do it all. The calories you burn at the GYM can easily be gain back again, in a simple piece of cake, ice-cream, or any other junk food. I learned I needed to watch what I was eating and start counting the calories.

  • (Liss) How has your body changed since starting VI?

[Miru] My body is more toned and leaned out.

  • (Liss) What did you think of your pictures when you saw them?

[Miru] It’s really scary to have the before and after pictures. I was asked to take before and after pictures in September when we started phase I and I did not do it. I loved my pictures after phase II. I am so grateful I found Liss, which has become my inspiration, and VENUS INDEX  I definitely believe that both are now part of my life and will keep me healthy and in good shape.

You try for years to be better with no success- that frustration, that “luggage” I call it- is a paradigm, a set of beliefs that live with you.  Instead of overcoming them, you say this:   ~”I don’t like my body… I don’t have a nice body... I don’t like my thighs and my butt.”~

In January- at the beginning of Phase II in class, I decided to take the before pictures. At the end of the 12 weeks of Phase II, I decided to have some professional after pictures taken- and I loved them. There are still things I need to tone more, but I like what I saw. Also, Liss mentioned we need to positively criticize our pictures in the same way we would do to others and not only see what we didn’t like.  That alone created a huge change in my self esteem and gave me more confidence. Today, I know I can do more…

  • (Liss) What are your future goals?

[Miru] VI is the only program that has worked for me. Based on my pictures, and as much as I liked them, I can see I am only halfway there. I will keep coming to the GYM to all the phases that VI designs for us. Remember? I became an addict to VI! 

  • (Liss) What is your advice for other people who want to make a transformation like you have?

[Miru] My advice is for people to educate themselves by reading on VI‘s website, blogs, and podcasts. You will find the answer that you are looking for. Start your transformation from day one- counting calories, increasing the weights you are lifting, and never miss a class- if you miss, try to make it up. Weigh in once a week and then take your metrics. But mostly ~have no fear~. Don’t give up, keep trying and trying…