Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stephanie's Life Insurance Policy is VI

Today I am interviewing Stephanie. She has been one of the founding members of my VI class since it started in September of 2012. When I found out her age, I was stunned. This woman has defied time. Stephanie is in her early 60’s and was already in amazing shape by anyone’s standards for any age. She has lived a fit lifestyle for most of her life and it shows, I think that is her secret to aging so well. She has done triathalons, half marathons, and 100 mile bike rides. I first met her in a pilates class which she continues to do to this day. I honestly wondered the first time she came to VI class if she could even improve her physique. To my amazement, VI can take above average physiques to exceptional ones. Her metrics improved over the 12 weeks- Stephanie added an inch to her shoulders, dropped 2 inches from her waist, and lost 1.75 inches on her hips.

 ·         (Liss) So what is your history with regard to diet, weight, and fitness?  
[Stephanie] I am a true believer in fitness.  It is my life insurance policy.  Diet and weight are within my control whereas many other areas are not such as genetic factors.

·         (Liss) How did you find VI class and what made you come? What made you keep coming to class?  
[Stephanie] I found the VI Class conveniently available at my local YMCA.  Liss's enthusiasm, her results and other participant's results kept me interested.

 ·         (Liss) Did you incorporate the Anything Goes Diet and/or Eat Stop Eat style fasting?
[Stephanie] Neither.  Through conversations with Liss and others, I realized I needed to make improvements to my style of eating.  This mainly consisted of understanding the role of protein in muscle development and recovery.

·         (Liss) What did you do during your transformation to make such a change?  
[Stephanie] I had to better understand my caloric intake, percentages of protein/fat/carbohydrates and portion sizes.  This included much reading of labels, converting grams and ounces, and a scale.  I enjoyed Liss's class so much that the VI classes were something I looked forward to.  Liss gives a very good class - my style - quick paced and with a lot of instruction and self-deprecating humor. 

·         (Liss) Did you have any “ah-ha” moments with regards to your fitness or diet lifestyle and sustainability?  
[Stephanie] If I had a "ah-ha" moment, it was that one is never too old to see results from applied effort.  VI and Liss gave my life a wonderful spark.

·         (Liss) How has your body changed since starting VI?  
[Stephanie] I have baby "six pack abs".  Never had 'em before in my life.

·         (Liss) What did you think of your pictures when you saw them?  
[Stephanie] I don't like my knees.

·         (Liss) What are your future goals?  
 [Stephanie] Improve my thighs and my knees.  Continue to improve my knowledge of nutrition and weight resistance training VI style.

·         (Liss) What is your advice for other people who want to make a transformation like you have?  
[Stephanie] Believe in yourself.  You can do it too!