Sunday, June 25, 2017

BSN Supplements Syntha-6 Protein Bar Review, Bai Malokai Coconut Drink, and Photo Shoot

Guess who just made a protein bar run?! 💪 This girl. Tried my first @bsnsupplements Syntha-6 bar, the Salted Toffee Pretzel flavor was first up. Lord have mercy. It was like a rice krispy treat in protein bar form. 💜 Thank you to my Venus sister Malissa for the recommendation!

Next up was @bsnsupplements Syntha-6 Peanut Butter Crunch bar! Mmm mmm good! 230 cals and 20g protein ✔ Two thumbs up, will buy again 💪💪 So far these bars are two for two. Love that they are a rice krispy texture, great change up from Quest bars.  💜

Tried a @bsnsupplements Syntha-6 Chocolate Crunch protein bar next. Tastes like a cocoa krispy treat! Delicious! 230 cals and 20g of protein too 💪 Good stuff! Super impressed with this line up; so far I am 3 for 3.  💜

If you like rice krispy treats, then I have THE protein bar for you. @bsnsupplements NAILED the rice krispy treat flavor AND texture with their Syntha-6 vanilla marshmallow protein bar. Could not believe it. This bar has 230 cals and 20g of protein. Honesty, all 4 flavors that I tried were 💯%. You literally cannot go wrong in this line up! 💜💪

I tried to think up how I would rank these, and I honestly cannot. They are all GREAT and will definitely be buying them again :)

In other news, these Bai Malokai Coconut drinks have been my new "out and about" drink splurge. SO good! I adore coconut and this drink is coconut in a bottle 💜 macros are good too! 

...and finally my most recent photo shoot, been meaning to share! These were all done in Playa del Carmen, Mexico by Erin with Forever Grace Photography-

X- Liss