Sunday, August 31, 2014

Vegetarian High Protein Meal Ideas

One of my best friends is vegetarian/vegan so this topic interests me as it comes up with clients on occasion. It is challenging to get your protein macros within your calorie limit when you are vegan or vegetarian.

Planning for success

My first tip is to plan your meals ahead of time and have calorie and protein chunks planned out for each meal- e.g. 300 cals and 30 g protein

Know your sources

An easy way to sort out best protein sources is by percentage =  ((protein in g) / (total cals)) * 100 per serving. E.g. a 4 oz chicken breast is 25 g protein per 142 cals or 17.6% which is pretty high compared to most foods thus it is a diet staple for the fit crowd.

Here are some high protein vegetarian food ideas in order from highest to lowest percentage protein:
-Egg 78 cals and 6.3g protein which is 12.4% protein (egg whites are even higher at 1 cup 126 cals and 26.5g protein 21.0%)

-Rice and pea protein powders 1 scoop is 120 cals and 24g protein or 20.0%

-Plain Greek yogurt 1 cup is  120 cals and 20 g protein or 16.7%

-Tofu 100g (3.5 oz) is 55 cal and 7.4 g protein or 13.45%

-Beans ( highest % is soy) 173 cal and 16.5g protein at 9.5%
Followed up by kidney, white, lima, fava, black, mung

-Ricotta cheese (no rennet so it is vegetarian) 0.5 cup is 171 cals and 14 g protein  or 8.2%

-Nuts and seeds (hightest % is pumpkin) 0.25 cups or 28 g 151 cals and 8.4 g protein 5.2%
Followed up by peanuts, almonds, pistachios, sunflower seeds, flax, mixed nuts

Other ideas- cottage cheese, quinoa, soy milk, nut butter, tempeh, vegetarian protein bars (aim for 200 cals and 20g protein per bar (Vega and Rise are good store bought ones... or make your own), Quorn, hempseed, buckwheat flour, chia seeds, Ezekiel bread, spirulina
I scaled the following meal plan example down (by 2/3rds) from the following website-

This site was featured in Brad Pilon's article here-

Vegan Sample Meal Plan

(You can combine meals as preferred)

Meal 1:
0.5 cups oatmeal
Protein shake with 0.33 serving of Plant Fusion, 0.33 cup soymilk, 0.33 banana

Meal 2:
1/6 block of extra firm tofu, scrambled with spinach and peppers
1/3 grapefruit
1 almond butter sandwich: 1 slices of whole grain bread, 1 tbsp almond butter

Meal 3:
Black bean chili with 0.33 can black beans, 1/6 pack seitan, and veggies
1/3 baked sweet potato
1/12 avocado

Meal 4 (post workout):
1/3 apple
Protein shake with 0.5 scoops SunWarrior protein, 0.33 cup soymilk, 0.33 banana

Meal 5:
1 large spinach salad
1/6 cup lentils, cooked with veggies and spices over 1/6 cup brown rice
1/6 pound steamed broccoli

Meal 6:
1 tbsp almond butter spread on celery sticks

Approximate totals for the day:
1128 calories, 69g protein, 171g carbs, 25g fat

X- Liss

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Commitment and Starbucks Blendicano

The most successful transformations 1) identify a clear goal 2) find a lifestyle plan that works with a nutrition and lifting component 3) stick to the plan- even when the going gets tough <- that is the hard part

A Venus coach can help you navigate steps 1 through 3. We are currently accepting clients in conjunction with the next transformation contest that starts September 1st. You can find out more about our coaching program and sign up here:   If you want me, you will have to request it in your form :)


 I found the recipe on how to order a Starbucks Blendicano on IG a few weeks back and finally tried one while travelling. SO GOOD and something that will not suck all your cals up!


Starbucks Blendicano

How to order
  • Quad espresso
  • 6 pumps sugar-free vanilla syrup
  • Venti ice
  • Blend
Over at the self service counter, add a couple of packets of Splenda if you want. It is already sweet, so taste first. Then hit it with some cinnamon!

This thing is like 20 cals. Yup.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Venus Meets up in Vegas

Enjoying a night out on the town

This past weekend, Venus members from around the world met up in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada on the strip. We enjoy each other so much in the community, so we knew we would have a blast in real life! We put a heads up in the forum about 6 months ago, and I could hardly wait until it was time to go!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Venus takes on Vegas

Venus Coaches: Liss, Jenny, and Lita

This past weekend was a Venus meet-up in Vegas. I had the privilege of meeting several ladies who I have gotten to know well over the past 2 years in the Venus community, as well as spend some quality time in person with several others I have already met.

From L- Kimberly, Beth, Tammy, Lou Ann, Lita, me, Madonna
As crazy as it sounds, we make some pretty tight bonds in the Venus forum. Most of our relationships start as we go through challenges in our nutrition and fitness. And someone helps us through that via replies and private messages in the forum. Many of us even email, call, and text one another- making bonds deeper than just diet and fitness. We can lean on each other for family, relationship, work, and emotional issues. We KNOW each other. So getting together in person, we just click like we have always been “real life” friends.

From L- Eri, me, Kimberly, Julie, Lita, Beth, and Jenny


Our time together was special. Everyone always looks betterin 3D as I have said before. I knew to expect that. What I enjoy the most is getting to see the facial expressions, eye contact, and vocal tone. Also the hugs!


From L- Jenny, Elizabeth, Lita, Roberta, Lou Ann, Beth, me

While in Vegas, I also got a DEXA done at a clinic. My results shocked me. I was at my ideal Venus metrics and liked my look. Most women who are at VI have a BF (by DEXA) of 18-22%. I was guessing low 20’s based on my look. Mine came out at 27% which I was not prepared to hear.  I was upset for a while until I got a chance to talk it out with Coach John and the Venus girls.  Again, my Venus friends assisted me through the trial. I attribute much of my personal growth in the past couple of years to them.

Post lifting pic in the ring at the Cosmo gym. From L- me, Jenny, Roly, Lita, Kimberly

Body fat percentage is just another number to fixate on. Similar to scale weight, it is irrelevant. Just like two women at 135 pounds can look completely different based on their height and musculature- two different women at 25% body fat can look different also.  It was another mental hurdle for me to get past. I like my look, I have worked hard to get here. I am content. That is all that matters.


Venii from L- Jenny, Liss, Beth, Tammy