Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Venus takes on Vegas

Venus Coaches: Liss, Jenny, and Lita

This past weekend was a Venus meet-up in Vegas. I had the privilege of meeting several ladies who I have gotten to know well over the past 2 years in the Venus community, as well as spend some quality time in person with several others I have already met.

From L- Kimberly, Beth, Tammy, Lou Ann, Lita, me, Madonna
As crazy as it sounds, we make some pretty tight bonds in the Venus forum. Most of our relationships start as we go through challenges in our nutrition and fitness. And someone helps us through that via replies and private messages in the forum. Many of us even email, call, and text one another- making bonds deeper than just diet and fitness. We can lean on each other for family, relationship, work, and emotional issues. We KNOW each other. So getting together in person, we just click like we have always been “real life” friends.

From L- Eri, me, Kimberly, Julie, Lita, Beth, and Jenny


Our time together was special. Everyone always looks betterin 3D as I have said before. I knew to expect that. What I enjoy the most is getting to see the facial expressions, eye contact, and vocal tone. Also the hugs!


From L- Jenny, Elizabeth, Lita, Roberta, Lou Ann, Beth, me

While in Vegas, I also got a DEXA done at a clinic. My results shocked me. I was at my ideal Venus metrics and liked my look. Most women who are at VI have a BF (by DEXA) of 18-22%. I was guessing low 20’s based on my look. Mine came out at 27% which I was not prepared to hear.  I was upset for a while until I got a chance to talk it out with Coach John and the Venus girls.  Again, my Venus friends assisted me through the trial. I attribute much of my personal growth in the past couple of years to them.

Post lifting pic in the ring at the Cosmo gym. From L- me, Jenny, Roly, Lita, Kimberly

Body fat percentage is just another number to fixate on. Similar to scale weight, it is irrelevant. Just like two women at 135 pounds can look completely different based on their height and musculature- two different women at 25% body fat can look different also.  It was another mental hurdle for me to get past. I like my look, I have worked hard to get here. I am content. That is all that matters.


Venii from L- Jenny, Liss, Beth, Tammy