Monday, May 27, 2013

Celebrating One Year of VI

This past Tuesday was my 1 year anniversary since I embarked on my Venus journey. So I decided to take some inpromptu pics in my "before" bikini! I honestly had not worn it since those "before" pics a year ago, because... well honestly, those pics left a BAD taste in my mouth for that swimsuit!

Physical Changes

Well, it is not the swimsuit's fault! It actually looks pretty nice now. This is me on a normal evening by the way, no special lights, no water manipulation. Just me. I am not cut down for pics or anything. I just wanted to see what I really look like on a normal day after doing these workouts for the past year.

My shape has really changed. In a good way. I really have no lost all that much scale weight either- but I have put on some muscle mass and shed fat. Metrics matter, the scale really has no say once you get into striking distance of VI metrics. You need to focus on the measurements and put away the scale, or at least stop focusing on it.

Mental Changes

My mindset about "dieting" and "fitness" has completely shifted since last year. I workout to build muscle. I run or go to kickboxing/insanity/spin for cardio conditioning. I eat to shed fat and/or fuel my body. I try to keep the idea of good foods and bad foods out of my mind. I can have whatever I want, just not all the time. I count calories and I try to eat lots of lean protein and veggies. This is no longer a diet. It is just the way I live now. All of the reasons I mention are exactly why I have been able to maintain and improve my physique over the past year. I can honestly say that I am off the diet roller coaster for good! No more yo-yo dieting!

My Current Routine



I workout 6 days a week.
  • I teach Venus Index Phase 3 at my gym 4 days a week (approx 1 hour of heavy weightlifting for shape)
  • I do 2x1 hour cardio sessions each week. It varies depending on my mood. Some days I run (or do 90 sec walk-run intervals), some days I split up time between the stairmaster and the elliptical, some days I do to a class at my gym- spin, kickboxing, Insanity, or step. I just do whatever strikes my fancy that day mostly.


At 5'9", I count calories to match my body's needs. I look at my calories over the course of a week, and just have a general aim each day so that I meet my weekly goal. I am cutting right now at a very slight deficit and aim for 7500-8500 calories per week. I try to get 40-50% of my calories from lean proteins- that is just a personal preference of mine. I limit refined carbs such as bread and pasta- mostly again, just a personal prefence. I would rather get my calories elsewhere- like fruit and Greek yogurt (love!).

Oh, and on a side note- the husband and I got mountain bikes this past weekend! I am super excited to go trail riding. Just another way to be active with the family, yay!