Sunday, October 14, 2012

Are you working out or training?

At the gym there are 2 types of people- people that work out and people that train. What is the difference?
  • Working out is showing up to the gym with no real plan in mind. You throw some weights around, probably without good form. You do not really push yourself.
  • Training has a end goal in mind. You have a plan to get your body to the goal with exercises that periodize and alterate for maximum impact. You use weights that are on point intensity-wise. Every rep is done in perfect form.
Most of us cannot create a training plan to reach our goals. I know how to do many exercises with proper form but I do not know enough about periodization and alteration to create the most effective training plan for my goal. My goal is to achieve the perfect hourglass feminine shape with lean muscularity. The VI workout was created just for that. Instead of weight, I choose to focus on metrics for my end goal. You can find your ideal metrics goals here: (Just put your height in the blue box on the right side of the screen.)

Listen to this podcast on the difference between working out and training, it is VERY informative:

The inspiration story that I want to share with you this week is Roberta Saum's story.  She struggled with her weight her whole life despite being extremely active and even running marathons. She went to the gym consistently but she did not feel like she looked the part. Finally at age 50, she found VI and it finally clicked. She is now a cover model and travels to speak about finding your best body at 50. She also runs her own website and is a reserve sheriff's deputy for her county.

You can do this! Stumble forward.