Sunday, October 14, 2012

Controlling Your Calories

Our focus this week is controlling your calories. This post is intended for those that have not reached our desired look/ ideal metrics. Look at the chart below to see your max calories per day (RMR: resting metabolic rate) for your height:

Yes, that mean is your MAX... you can go below as much as you are comfortable! Also, look at this number over a week and with a 15% error. So I am 5'9" and female, my weekly calorie goal would be 1,490x7= 10,430x0.85=  8,865 calories per week for my goal.
Here are 2 podcasts that I want you to listen to. I usually download them on my phone and listen to them on my commute or during my run/walk.
This one talks about how you can never truely know how many calories that you are burning, why the machines in the gym are wrong, and that you should never include exercise in your calorie goals (unless you are super lean, one day we shall elaborate on that point!)
This one talks about why we can never actually know how many calories we are eating and why. It also explains why I included a 15% error on your calorie goal. Very imformative stuff here, one of the best podcasts ever!

I also want you to read this short little report here about creating a calorie deficit... John Barban (VI's creator) just released it with Fitness Black Book:
Eat what you love guys! Lose the "good" food vs. "bad" food mentality. A calorie is a calorie. The last 2 nights, I have eaten cake every night. That is what I wanted to eat, and I saved room in my calorie budget for it. And I came in for the day at 1000-1400 calories (below my RMR). I am on track to hit my personal goal of 7700 cal or less this week (that is below my RMR).

And for your inspiration, here is my friend Alisha's transformation in 12 weeks. She won the first ever Venus contest (VT1). She is from Iowa and we text back and forth. Her pictures and story are what inspired me to do this. She also has a podcast at the bottom if you want to hear how she did it in more detail. 
Have a good week! Stumble forward.