Sunday, March 13, 2016

6 Sneaky Ways to get in More Greens

In honor of upcoming St. Patrick's day, we shall celebrate green here haha! But first a quick update.

The move to Port Aransas is underway! Our house went on the market last week. The husband and his camper are already there on spring break duty. I am trying to keep sane between missing my other half and keeping the house ready for showings at any minute. I feel like focusing on my nutrition and workouts is helping me along with putting everything into God's hand, my buoy in the rough seas. No worrying allowed!

My husband sent this picture to me on Wednesday he took while lounging at the beach while I was at work... spousal abuse?

So I have been getting really serious about getting in 2-3 servings of greens a day this year. And I think part of that success has to do with figuring out creative ways to get them in... which I will share momentarily. The greens really help my skin, I am prone to break outs and eczema. Even though I supplement with vitamins, the greens just offer something my body needs. I have seen major improvements in skin tone, texture, and clarity. I wish I had before and after pics without make-up, as my face is the biggest change.

So here are my 6 sneaky ways to get in more greens:

1.) Blending greens into a protein shake

This is nothing new, but it is so easy and you cannot taste them. I also like that they stay raw. My Banana Spinach Protein Shake recipe is still one of my favorites RECIPE HERE  My Nutribullet makes quick work of the greens and blends them so finely, you can hardly see them!

2.) Blending greens into the water you use to cook your oats.

I am not sure why it took me so long to think of this one. It looks nasty but tastes amazing, kinda like the protein shake ^ you cannot even tell the greens are there! I am loving my Chocolate PB&J Protein Oats recipe for this - RECIPE HERE

3.) Blending greens into your protein pancake batter

Another way I am not sure why I did not think of sooner! I just tried it this week using my Protein Pankcake with PB and Nutella recipe, just blended the pancake ingredients with a handful of greens instead of mashing. RECIPE HERE

4.) Trading out iceberg and romaine lettuce for kale/spinach/chard mix in your salads

This one is kind of a no-brainer but I have to admit I was resistant to the idea. For me, the key is that I do not need as much of the greens mix as I do the other lettuce types. Sometimes, I mix them. Sometimes, I just do straight greens. Some of the recipes that I have been swapping out lettuces out on are taco salad RECIPE HERE and tuna salad RECIPE HERE.

5.) Steaming greens along with your protein when you reheat your steak/chicken 

If you make more lean protein than you need for the week, just add a handful of greens on top of your lean protein. In the image above, there are steak cubes underneath the greens. When you reheat it, it steams the greens and it goes along great with meat! RECIPE HERE

6.) Add greens to your omelet

I love my omelets, but it never really occurred to me to add greens to it! So I have been enjoying my Hashbrown Omelet with the addition of a handful of greens. So easy, and yummy. RECIPE HERE

Hope you got some new ideas! Let me know if you have anymore to add!
X- Liss