Sunday, August 23, 2015

Tips to Improve your Push Up and Stability Ball Rollout

Want to know the fastest way to improve your form in the gym? Film yourself. Yep *raises hand* I never knew I had some form issues until I started making videos for this blog LOL I looked fine to me in the mirror. But you cannot watch your way all the way through the movement on some exercises. So I am, as always, a work in progress. I have been intensely working on my push-up form as of late. Here are a few tips I have gleaned:

Push Up Form Tips

* Flex your quads, glutes, and abs so that your body will stay in a fixed plank form all the way up and down. This is harder than it sounds! I am still working on it! 

*reset from the floor each rep until your get your form perfect. Then move back to resetting after 2 reps, then 3, etc...

*keep your hands at your shoulders and tuck in those elbows. Lots of people set their hands too wide and flare out their elbows (myself formerly included!) 

(gasp! My face... and not in gym clothes ;) haha!)

3 quick tips on doing a stability ball rollout

1. Breathe (exhale as you go out, inhale as you come in)
2. Engage your abs not your back (your back likes to take over, don't let it)

3. Stop your rollout before your back starts to arch (keep a neutral spine)

Various clips of my workout the other morning! 

Back, glutes, and abs!

- prone rear delt raise
-reverse hyperextensions 
-swiss ball Crunches
-seated banded hip abductions

Prone rear delt raises are a newer exercise for me! Amazing for back and shoulder work. Go lighter so you can really squeeze!

Ignore my gym that is a hot mess, should be all done soon!

What kind of video would you like to see me do?
X- Liss