Sunday, January 25, 2015

Glute Workout Boosters

I have been hitting glutes HARD for over half a year now while following the advice of THE Glute Man - Bret Contreras.

Hip Thrusts are #1

One of my favorites has quickly become the barbell hip thrust. It has taken me months to get here, and watching a video makes me notice all these form things. I am always improving.

155# for 3 sets of 10 on hip thrust in the Venus Advanced Strength glutes modules. Here is a snippet of my second set. Don't ya love my "fancy" bar pad? It is even down filled and matches my living room haha! What do you rig in your home gym? 

Actually Variety is KEY

Workout 1:
Some of my glute work today super-setted into Venus Focused Shape back and biceps. All about hitting the different angles! I did:
*4x12 single leg hip thrusts
*4x12 banded lying hip abductions (video)
*3x20 banded seated hip abductions 
*3x10+ 5 pulses banded donkey kicks (video)

Workout 2:
Here is a peek into some of my glute work last week. On this day it was super-setted into Venus Focused Shape Shoulders. The key to glute work is hitting the 4 main components, here are two:

*transverse plane hip abductions- fire hydrants
*supine bridging - cable pull throughs

I did half of a Fibonacci pyramid of 21-13-8-5 sets for both. 

Workout 3:
A key to great glutes is hitting them from all the angles. 2-3 days a week I add in about 4 glute exercises. This session I did:

*3x10 barbell hip thrusts (went very heavy- see the top video)
*3x40 banded hip abductions with 20 pulses at the end
*3x15 banded donkey kicks
*3x10 banded lying side clams

Try one of these glute finishers at the end of your next workout! What's your fave glute exercise? -Coach Liss