Sunday, January 4, 2015

One Leg Get Up Exercise Progression

One of the most difficult exercises to master in the Venus Factor System workout is the one legged get up AKA the bench pistol squat AKA the single-leg bench getup. It works your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and core. Being that it is uni-lateral, the leg being worked is under high tension so it requires loads of strength.

You can even take it one level further than I have shown here with the advanced version of the one legged get up- the pistol or one legged squat.

Form Tips

Before you can even start this exercise, you need need to master the weighted squat. See my video of squat progressions HERE

*Land as gently as possible on the bench. Then try to come right back up.

*Some prefer hands on hips, some prefer hands out. See what is most comfortable.

*Do not let your knee come past your toe at any point.

*Do not let your knee cave inward as you move up or down.

*Initiate motion from your glutes when you come up. Drive through your heel.

One Legged Get Ups Progression Video 

Level 1- Highest seat with chair aid or bands

So the higher the chair is, the easier this exercise is. Find a seat height that challenges you, but you can still complete all the reps in perfect form. The seat should be somewhere between your thigh (easiest) and calf (hardest).

Use a study chair or bands attached to a stationary item in front of you to help you stay steady and assist your working leg,

Level 2 and beyond- Lower seat

A lower seat makes this more challenging. The stronger you get, the lower the seat is. Once you master right below knee level, you can start aiming for trying pistol squats!

Happy lifting!
X- Liss