Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My face in random places

Summer has been crazy, but I have been soaking up family time. I promise to be back soon with some great new low-cal recipes! There is a dessert one that I am perfecting too- sugar free and chocolate! Yes!

Anyway my mug has been popping up in random places lately...

The first one is a feature in the new Venus Factor 12 Week Fat loss System. JB asked me to write a paragraph on the Venus Mindset- what it meant to me.

Here is a screen shot of it-

Venus also released a new promo video for the Venus Factor where my before and after photos are featured. This time fully clothed!

Here is a screen shot of my video debut-

Kind of weird to see yourself in a promo video, but I was glad to help. Love Venus! (Quick shout out!)