Saturday, August 27, 2016

Pulled Pork and Sweet Potato Hash PLUS a Review of Halo Top

This hash is my latest obsession. I have eaten for dinner several days in a row, that is how I know this is a shareable recipe haha!

Sooooo Halo Top where have you been all my life???!!! ðŸ˜ #soinlove #lookatthosemacros #yum 

I had TWO different friends tell me recently that I had to this stuff ASAP. I finally listened and made a run for it after looking for stores who carry it in my area on their website. Boy howdy, I am so glad that I did go get it. I have been telling everyone who will listen since I tried it last night. Guys, this is like the holy grail of dietdom. Perfect timing, since my shoot is 10 weeks from today!

You know that I had to go back for more ;) not sure whether I like #halotop birthday cake or vanilla bean the best? How about a tie for first? 💜

Sadly our HEB does not carry any other flavors... I might have to order all the other flavors from ASAP!

My Olive Marie ran free for 4 miles on a beach run this week. You can literally see her smiling, she loved it! And keeping up with her made my pace go up a bit too! My last mile was 10 min/mile! Getting closer to my old half marathon pace ;)

New squat PR today! And during a cut too 💪love lifting heavy! It is built into Hourglass Extreme (my workout which you can get HERE). 

To work PR into your existing Venus routine, pick 1 heavy lift per routine (row, deadlift, squat, benchpress, shoulder press) and cit it down to 3-5 reps; on your PR set, you may only be able to get 1 rep out in good form.

Each set, work your way up in weight. For this squat, I did 25 lbs plates, then 35 lbs plates, then added 52.5 lbs to each end for final PR set. 

That was my pulled pork and sweet potato hash for dinner with pulled pork and sweet potato leftovers with a side of apple slaw.

My dear husband, God bless him, ordered a giant pizza to eat off for the week. Not something he would do normally and I just cannot. After 1 maintenance day of pizza, I am over it. I can be 1000 calories into a pizza and be hungry still. 

So I made up a huge Crockpot of pulled pork the other night for me to eat off of for the week, and baked a bunch of sweet potatoes. I made this slaw with diced apples, some plain Greek yogurt, and lemon juice. 

Here are some of my favorite uses for cooking 1 meat and re-mixing it throughout the week:

  • Straight 
  • Salad
  • Omelet or frittata
  • Hash
  • Stuffed into a potato
  • Stuffed into a pepper
  • Refried rice or stir fry
  • Nacho, taquito, or burrito
  • Soup
  • Casseroles

First night was the meat, potato, and slaw all separate on the plate. The next night was this hash which is amazing BTW, with some zucchini. The next night was all of it stuffed into the potato. Tonight was hash again. Thinking tomorrow night I might try a stuffed pepper variation ;) the kids enjoy it separate or as pulled pork nachos. It freezes well too if you get tired of it before you can get through it all.

Pulled Pork and Sweet Potato Hash

Serves 1

1 baked sweet potato (approx 1 cup, you could totally sub regular potatoes)
4 oz pulled pork (Recipe HERE - I used pork shoulder this time but sometimes I used pork loin or pork butt; I think shredded chicken, brisket, or ground beef would be good too!)
1 egg

In a pan, cook the pulled pork to reheat and dry it out a bit. Place aside. Cube sweet potato and put into pan. Top with pork, allow all to saute for a couple of minutes. Crack an egg over the top and cover for 1-2 minutes. I topped with a little cinnamon, salt and pepper. Serve and enjoy! P.S. this would be divine with avocado on top too!

I am loving this marinade right now for everything from chicken to pork to beef

Nutritional info

1 serving

538 calories
38 g carbs
25 g fat
36 g protein

I am going to get back to my hash dinners and Halo Top dessert ;)
X- Liss