Sunday, March 8, 2015

Stability Ball Pikes and Band Assisted Pull-ups

Band Assisted Pull-ups

Pull-ups are one of those fitness goals that people just like to say they can do. So if you are struggling to get to where you can do several bodyweight pull-ups, band assisted pull-ups are a great start. 

My advice is to frequently (i.e. before each set off adding the bands) attempt body weight pull-ups. You will get stronger over time and before you know it, you will be able to bust out several sets!

Pull ups can be subbed for bent or one arm rows from time to time in the Venus Index workout, or added onto your normal workout day.

Tips for your best pull-up:
*They are mostly mental
*Practice frequently
*Hanging leg raises (ab work) will help your grip
*Activate your back (scapular raises are good practice)
*Hold for time at the top (5-10 seconds)
*Negatives are helpful (resist lowering without bands)
*Make sure you come all the way up and extend your arms at the bottom all the way
*No leg swinging

Stability Ball Pikes

I like to sub these in for stability ball roll ups and stability ball roll outs from time to time. I feel as though pikes engage my whole core a bit better.

You can level these up by moving the ball all the way to your tip toes!

Tips for your best pike:
*Keep your legs straight throughout the movement
*Recruit your abs to pull the ball toward your face
*Hands should be shoulder width apart
*Back stays straight, push your hips up to the ceiling