Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Last 10 Pounds

Or the last 2" inches of waist for my girls who are focusing on metrics... 1" of waist is equal to approx. 5 lbs for most women. How do I get to the goal? I am almost there! This is one of the questions I get asked the most frequently.

In theory, you are almost there. It should be easy. But it is not always.
  • You look good enough in clothes- self sabotage, anyone?
  • People do not understand why you are still trying to change, so you get blowback. (Hint, keep it to yourself!)
  • The smaller amount of fat reserves on your body limits the amount of fat you can burn.

Here is my take on it. In the past, I have jumped up an inch to an inch and a half in waist after cutting for pictures. So I have been where you are several times. I am happy to say this time is different. I have not rebounded whatsoever.

5 tips to get the last 10 pounds off

1. If you were cutting pretty intensely- you may consider doing a Reverse Taper with your calories.
As you approach your goal weight/metrics, your calories slowly increase to maintenance. You arrive at goal eating almost maintenance.
  • So at 2" from waist (or +10 pounds)- you are approx. -500 cals a day from maintenance.
  • Then when you get to -1.5" (or +7.5 lbs) you are -400 cal a day from maintenance.
  • At -1" from waist (or + 5 lbs) you are -300 cals a day from M.
  • Finally at 0.5" (or +2.5 lbs) you are -200 cals a day from M.
Then you just will tweak up to M cals. Doing this instead of frantically cutting leads to less of a "bingey" feeling and less likely to rebound hard. It will take a bit longer, so plan accordingly. But it is worth it.

2. Do not overkill with the cardio. I say no more than 3 hours a week of anything moderate to intense. That is my personal limit. I prefer 1-2 hours. Your threshold may be different, you will have to play with it. Around 2-3 hours per week is where most everyone that I know falls. What happens when I go past this? I just get crazy in the head hungry. I make poor food choices and am hungry/cranky- HANGRY! Not worth the little extra burn. I am better off watching my cals more tightly.

3. Add in more lifting days if your lifestyle allows it. Those of you only doing 3 days a week should strongly consider adding a 4th. Those of you lifting 4 days a week should consider 5 days. The key is to add it in slowly. You do not want to risk injury by over-stressing yourself. Make sure to take rest days as needed. I tend to need one every 7-14 days.

4. Focus on the inputs. There is little to no output at this point in the game. Your weight and metrics are only going to change veeerrrry slooowwwlllyy from now on. Do not expect to rack up inches and pound losses each week. So instead focus on hitting your workout and calorie goals.

5. Take pictures. The scale is basically useless at this point. Do not let it dictate your emotions. Once you get within the last inch, the measuring tape becomes useless. Pictures will tell the story. They do not lie. I take them weekly. And front-back-side selfies in the mirror are just fine.

One of my new pictures from the recent shoot

The last 2 inches of waist are what divides average from great in physiques. You can see it in a bikini. You are capable of it, do not sell yourself short from your goal.