Sunday, January 15, 2017

Flat Out Skinny Pizza

So I grabbed these Flat Out wraps the other day at the store. The nutrition was spot on: 90 cals and 9g protein!

And they have been so handy since then. I have used them for this pizza recipe I am about to share (my favorite use), burrito/taco night, and for a wrap for crack chicken.

Our new 1000 lbs rated flat bench for the home gym! Because I sort of, ummm, broke the edge of the other one doing 300 lbs hip thrusts off of it 😂 #gymproblems 💪

Finally got my hands on the new(ish) @questnutrition Rocky Road protein bar. It was not my favorite room temp, prefer white chocolate raspberry or coconut cashew for that. It was DANG good in the microwave for 30 sec then topped with a tbsp on PB on top though ;)

Glute march! Super duper glute pumper. Also a great isometric glute exercise to ensure equal cheeks ;) do in higher rep ranges. I did 3 sets of 20 each side.

Well I was hoping to get to tell you TOP SECRET Venus news today, but I gotta wait. So instead here are my legs, I think this may be the most definition I have ever seen to date! All from the Venus workouts (and of course our nutrition calculator) WOOT!  And know all of us here at Venus are working extra hard to bring you something SUPER exciting in the near future! 

Flat Out Skinny Pizza

Serves 1


... feel free to add toppings of choice, I decided on a few olives too at the last minute ;)

On a non-stick cookie tray, lay out your flat bread and cover with pizza sauce. (My kids and hubby used the personal size thin crust for this.) Spread out your greens over the pizza sauce then your pepperoni, top with cheese. Bake at 400 F for about 10 minutes. (I had a special helper, who loved this dinner btw!) Enjoy!

Nutritional facts:

373 calories

Pretty good macros for a huge serving of pizza huh?!
X- Liss