Sunday, April 19, 2015

6 Nuggets on Getting Stuff Done

Venus hosted a call the other day with a guru on taking action or getting stuff done (GSD). I actually was not that excited about it but felt I needed to take part, and I ended up being pleasantly surprised. Here are some tidbits I took away.

1) Linguistics matter

The term "workout" might have negative connotations for you. Everyone is different, study how that word makes you feel. What do you associate it with? If the term is negative, use a new term for your Venus weight lifting program. Perhaps training (my personal fave) or exercise would be a better fit for you. The same goes with anything- diet, chores, budget, whatever.

2) Get off the excited wheel

Whenever you start a new diet-exercise plan (or really any new program) you are excited for about 7 days. Then the new excitement wears off and things become mundane. 99% of the population goes searching for the next "thing" soon after and thus circle the excited wheel again.

Thing is, on the other side of mundane lies the goal. Looks like this- excited < mundane < goal

If you would stick with plan XYZ (we are assuming the plan works, Venus for example) then you will arrive at goal in time. Instead the majority are in the excited loop. Excited < mundane < new plan < excited < mundane < new plan

3)  Find happiness in striving

Most people *think* they will finally be happy once they achieve goal X (insert body, money, significant other)

And they never are. Because the new wears off the goal once you achieve it in 2 days, studies show. Even goals that take YEARS to achieve such as winning an Olympic medal or setting foot on the moon.

Learn to be content where you are, find the happy in striving.  Again, this is true for health, wealth, and relationships.

4) Quit focusing on your problems

Instead focus on HOW to SOLVE them. The only sure way to fail is to stop trying. The thing that makes big achievers different is that they are consistent. They are persistent in troubleshooting and refusing to give up. Allowing others- especially someone who has been there, to help you problem solve is key. (This is where coaching come in, and why it works!) 

It is said there are no new problems. Quit trying to reinvent the wheel. Many hands make short work.

5) Be congruent

Do you do what you say you will? If you cannot count on YOU, who can you count on? Be decisive (indecisiveness is common for women) and live it with 2 feet in. Quit half-heartedly doing things, be in or out.

6) There is no perfect

Perfectionists tend to operate as procrastinators (It gives an out as to why it is not good enough to anyone else, and helps to avoid the task because of the mental drain.) Perfectionists also operate from a scared position, afraid to mess up.  No person. At anything. So quit trying to live up to that.

Instead focus on "more often than not" and doing "your honest best."

These nuggets were some reminders I needed that day, so I though I would share :) GSD!
X- Liss