Saturday, November 2, 2013

Progression Pictures and Upcoming Shoot

So my face showed up on Venus Index today.

My sweet friend Ro over at Bobbie's Fitness wrote a great article about "For Everything there is a Season" and made this collage of my pictures to accompany it. She makes some great points about going with the flow. Your life, and subsequently, your body does not stay stagnant. Learn to know when it is go time, and when it is time to enjoy. Your family and friends are what matter in life.

Side note on the pictures in the collage, they were all taken by my photographer- Forever Grace Photography. Interestingly- they show a weight range of 5 lbs and 1.0" difference of waist. Can you pick out which is which?

Alright... the pictures in the brown bikini are at VI (waist of 26.5" and 141 lbs), the pictures in the neon bikini and the coral sports bra are in between (waist of 27.0" and 144 lbs), finally the pictures in the purple sports bra and white bikini are at the highest weight (waist of 27.5" and 146 lbs).

Here is a comparison with the same pose so you can see what 5 lbs of difference looks like-
5 lbs does not sound like a lot, and is non-visible in clothing when you are 5'9". BUT, in photo shoot situations- IT MATTERS!!! I learned a very important lesson this spring, and it was hard to swallow.
My next shoot is actually less than a week away. I have been working towards it since June! And I am proud to say that I am back at VI! My goal is to stay here now, and maintain it for everyday. I think I have finally learned how to do that too. 
Here are some unedited selfies from yesterday morning-

That is my new little buddy Olive down there at my feet :) So what I have been doing since June to get here? I have been following Venus' Reverse Taper Diet (RTD) and lifting 5 days a week. I have also been doing 1-2 hours of cardio a week for the past couple of months.

And I cannot leave you without a food note. I made roasted fennel with parmesan the other day. It was my first time trying fennel, and I loved it!!!

 I served it with roasted chicken breast and sweet potato fries that I made. It was delicious. Always love a good Giada recipe.